Premiere of Verdi‘s opera »Rigoletto« at the Theatre Ulm

Maryna Zubko shined in the role of Gilda as both singer and actor, singing with dreamlike confidence – all the while, singing in a wheelchair or lying on the floor. Her organic transformation from girlish innocence in a little white dress and light, pitter-patter staccato, to the assaulted, yet impossibly loving woman expressed with legato singing, was truly touching and brought about several spontaneous “Bravos!” from the audience.

Maryna Zubko is a great Gilda, assured Horstkotte. And singing in a wheelchair, isn’t that difficult? “During rehearsals, I didn’t concentrate on the fact that I’m in a wheelchair”, said the soprano. “I try to immerse myself in the character and really live in the role, so that the experience and inner world created could be portrayed through the music.”

Maryna Zubko was a brilliant Gilda: from childlike tenderness and smooth coloratura virtuosity to quite striking high notes.

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