Premiere of Donizetti‘s opera »Lucia di Lammermoor« at the Theatre Ulm

The young soprano, Maryna Zubko as Lucia, was an absolute audience favourite. […] “This production was that of an A house!” Zubko, who sings the title role, has a voice that one rarely experiences in a live performance. […] “What remarkable vocal control!” praised Karin and Albert Mayer, who were also thrilled by Zubko’s principal debut in the large house. “If you look at her face – she acts so authentically that you can feel this woman’s pain.” […] Zubko’s expression, especially in the famous “mad scene”, does not seem as if she is singing a role, but as if she is living this character.

The magnificent Maryna Zubko as Lucia in the mad scene
Theatre Ulm commemorated bel canto with “Lucia di Lammermoor”. Maryna Zubko stood out from the strong ensemble in the title role. […] … Ukrainian Maryna Zubko, who already showed her enormous skills as Sophie in the chamber opera “Weiße Rose”, sang the title role with superb quality: technically near perfect and also very emotional, with many colours and dramatically compelling. She portrayed the role with a youthful lightness, not of a fallen heroine – so the madness of the innocent Lucia is all the more gripping.

Shined in the title role: soprano Maryna Zubko, new member in the Ulm ensemble
Soprano Maryna Zubko, a new member in the Ulm ensemble, was particularly inspiring with a flawless interpretation of the title role. The mad scene, in which Zubko’s exalted singing combined with haunting and fragile sounds of the grating glass, unfolded a grandiose effect, as if Lucia’s mental break passed directly through her ethereal melodies.

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