Theatre premiere

Premiere of Offenbach‘s opera „Les contes d‘Hoffmann“ at the Theatre Ulm (March 30, 2023)

Maryna Zubko is a soprano stunner in all three female roles and, as the vending machine doll Olympia, is downright sensational in her movements.



Maryna Zubko takes on all four female roles and masters the enormous vocal and acting challenge with an agile soprano and effortlessly controlled top notes. She is brilliantly convincing as the doll Olympia, touching as the young Antonia who dies through her singing, with seductive tones as the dangerous courtesan and finally sovereign as the enervated rushing off Stella.



And then there would also be the distant lover(s) in the red dress: it is not only the four-part Maryna Zubko, the soprano, who shines outstandingly as Olympia, sitting on Hoffmann as a coloratura vending machine and with passionate climax notes.



Maryna Zubko sings (as is not unusual in this opera) the roles of all the lovers and is clearly most comfortable in the role of the devious courtesan Giulietta with the silver high heels, who plays with the men…She, met with shouts of “Bravo!”, is vocally brilliant…