Benefit concert for Ukraine (February 25, 2023)

“Confidence” was the credo in the well-attended City Hall and also the title of the song, which the composer Vitaly Vyshynskyi, who had traveled from Kiev for the world premiere, had written for Maryna Zubko in modern musical language. […] The round of songs was opened by Timo Handschuh, the former general music director of the Theatre Ulm, as a sensitive accompanist on the Steinway grand piano and Maryna Zubko, an excellent coloratura soprano from the Theatre Ulm. (SÜDWEST PRESSE, 02/27/2023)

Almost eight years ago, Ukrainian new-music composer Vitaly Vyshynskyi composed a work he called “Confidence,” and dedicated it to soprano Maryna Zubko. At the time, she had just finished her vocal studies in Ukraine and went to Frankfurt to study at the local University of Music and Performing Arts. The work was now premiered – freshly edited – at the concert commemorating the one-year war of aggression on Ukraine at the City Hall. “Confidence” became the namesake of the concert and a highlight of the same. […] Maryna Zubko owned the first part of the concert alone – she gleamed in a midnight blue evening dress with songs by Franz Schubert, Franz Liszt, Gustav Mahler and Richard Strauss…. (Neu-Ulmer Zeitung, 02/27/2023)


Photo: Matthias Kessler